Document management through the Public Administration increases transparency

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Published: 28th November 2016
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Information and Communication Techniques (ICT) are daily variables which are expected and expressed in all aspects of our lifespan. In the public sector, the ICT also allows the public administrations (P.A.) to control with a greater quality, performance and service efficiency and public resources.

There is an expanding quantity of P.A. that accumulates to the implementation flow of the document management system to optimize the document procedures of its employees and citizens, by allowing them to operate electronically on the administration.

The public sector is truly an essential information creator mainly because it creates laws, population records, topographical, weather, historical, political, and scientific data, etc. This documentation is extremely advantageous for administration, but also for the private sector and residents.

Closer to those managed thanks to the document management system

But what ought to a document management system provide to the P.A? Organization, command and pursuit of the documents. This main target can be outlined at length in:

- Optimizing of administrative processes

- Standardization of the administrative documents.

- Organizing with a homogenous and useful strategy for the administrative records

- Organising policies for papers or electronic document storing

When working with a document management system in a Public Administration, the chief merits are as the below:

-It allows the generation of various document databases.

-It enables versioning of each and every file, since it keeps a comprehensive audit record that allows establishing trace-ability of the files.

-It utilizes filters based on metadata and/or information, for query and document collection.

-It facilitates a variety of formats and permits the remodeling of any sort of documents.

-It provides the network with several other components of the infrastructure of the Electronic Administration.

-It is totally multiuser with permission and roles management.

-It is transparent for the user.

In the European Union (EU), people and businesses maintain a fluid association with P.A. as the bulletin Spain and the Information and Communication technology in the European unveils, conducted from the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) in 2012, in which it stands out that Spain is above the modest of the EU relating to the consumer percentage which interacted online with P.A in the year 2011. Specifically, the 54% of Spaniards stated having information of the Administration websites compared to 48% of EU; and 36% of the Spaniards ensure to have down loaded the official forms in comparison to 34% of European Union.

As it could be desired, this sort of association with Administration keeps growing gradually because the P.A. incorporates revolutionary document management which permits fresh administration procedures and utilization of the details. In truth, as outlined from the estate of electronic invoice during the year 2013 post, the objective of Commission is always to accomplish predominance around electronic invoicing by 2020.

Obstacles in applying a document management system

One amongst the challenges met by the P.A anytime adding the ICT in to their system does not only rely on the true technical tools, but also with the public sector inclusion should be regarded from the integral perspective: political, administrative and societal.

The bureaucracy is busy and can't be handled only with traditional resources. An aspect to contemplate is that the implementation of any document management system entails a simultaneous advancement of modern means of work organisation and management. In other words, this is handy to avoid the mechanization of administrative chores without executing any inclusive assessment previous to the flow of facts in each activity. If this diligent research was not performed prior to the implementation of the document management system, it is most certainly that it can increase the negative features of the Administration in the modern structure; so that there may be a process of superficial modernization which merely replaces manual procedures by automated.

By doing this, some of the factors to contemplate just before implementing document management system in Administrations are as the underneath:

-Changes inside the organizational arrangement

-Design of the processes that affect the innovative tools

-Streamlining and generality of administrative activities

-Overview data circuits and choice-making

-Training and personnel participation

In summary, the inclusion of the Information and Communication technology requires integrated organizing; otherwise it does not create more than specific improvements and also interrupt efficient manual processes. During this scenario, advantage must be taken over the windows for digital data flow to lessen costs, as to enhance processes as well as the quality of services. In this way, it permits the electronic relationships with people, vendors and authorities to make procedures more transparent. In fact, there is transparency in the P.A. if access for the occupants to the docs is warranted.

André Klein

Freelance Consultant for DocPath

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