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To Spend on Enterprise Content Management Would be to Acquire The Future

06th February 2017
When, our present-day fever for changing conventional paper documents into digital files has passed; the major emphasis of many organizations will stay on how to stash high volumes of documents as appropriately as is feasible, to guarantee short and uncom... Read >

A green office is also an economical office

06th February 2017
Why a Green Office Is Also an Economical Office An office is as green as the people who work in it. If we strive to install devices and undertake measures that improve energy efficiency in our homes and allow us to save costs, all the more reason ... Read >

Safety measures of a Document Management System

05th February 2017
Information Technology has presented paper less businesses. What used to be a heap of papers to be endorsed have right now become electronic documents to approve tickets or validate transactions. Heavy binders had been swapped out by down-loadable books f... Read >

Big Data Processing: A Scientific Concern for most Companies

05th February 2017
Big Data Processing: A Scientific Concern for most Companies This present day information culture has created one thing above every other: data. A massive quantity of very diverse data flows thru the net at a higher speed. That is essentially Big Data ... Read >

The reason why to start completely from scratch Anytime Implementing Document Management System

05th February 2017
These days ventures normally require a huge volume of documents and information: proposals, minutes of your meetings which are hosted, functional necessities, customer desires, test plans, design criteria, operator guides, installation instructions, instr... Read >

The Good things about Document Management towards the Banking Community

05th February 2017
According to the newest analysis carried-out by Forbes, the banking community is among the main vertical markets, with a powerful growing potential as long as IT investment is concerned. This is no surprise because of the giant quantity of transactions ba... Read >

Document management through the Public Administration increases transparency

28th November 2016
Information and Communication Techniques (ICT) are daily variables which are expected and expressed in all aspects of our lifespan. In the public sector, the ICT also allows the public administrations (P.A.) to control with a greater quality, performance ... Read >

Batch Operation in Document Managing: A Multi-disciplinary Approach

20th November 2016
Simplifying the management of your records and helping fast and massive document creation may be the two primary needs that greater businesses confront when coping with repetitive and cumbersome document operations. But, in addition there are many other p... Read >

Digitization Of Documents: A Business Investment Decision With A Future

19th November 2016
To digitize or not to digitize? This is the concern. Perhaps, since long ago, many companies have been asking their selves the exact same question without finding a correct answer; and this is precisely the passing of time that is working opposite to thos... Read >

What To Take Note Of When Preparing On-line Forms

19th November 2016
Currently, the penetration of the Cloud and modern technology has advised the majority of both private and public companies to publish on-line forms for their web-site; primarily to provide their clients with more details about their products and services... Read >

Storing documents and data in these modern times

17th August 2015
These Days, data centers include enormous volumes of documents and data that are increasing at a steady pace - a phenomenon we call Big Data. Even though these systems are quite modern, they are now becoming insufficient and require a considerable investm... Read >

Cloud Computing ... The best ways to Make the Most Out Of It

18th November 2014
In current times, one of the most popular principles pointed out in the IT environment actually has been, without doubt, that of Cloud Computing. This is a set of innovations based on infrastructure as well as on service, offering real advantages to impor... Read >

The myths around the Paperless Office that make SMBs worry when seeking the right software system

03rd June 2013
It's undoubtedly interesting that in a time of great technical evolution, we often don't think twice a second when you are purchasing some cool technical piece of equipment, which actually won't provide us any economic benefit in exchange; but we're prett... Read >